Black Angels Gig Poster

One of the biggest loves in my life is music and promoting great bands. This wasn’t an actual commission by the band but a fan poster that I made. Something that I really like to do from time to time, if for anything but to work on something that really interests me and has no limitations.

The premise behind the design starts with the Black Angels themselves. Their music, besides being a great sound, has a lot of political undertones in it. Mainly focused on the seemingly never-ending war we’ve been fighting. The illustration I did is my rendition of the eagle seen on every one of our U.S. dollar bills. On the dollar bill the eagle holds arrows, meaning war, in one claw and olive branches, meaning peace, in the other. After so many years, with no peace in sight, my eagle has abandoned the olive branches altogether.

Black Angels - Final Print

Final printed poster for the Boise Neurolux show

Black Angels - Sketch

First initial sketch of the final poster direction

Black Angels - Inked

Black & White "Inked" version

Black Angels - Final Illustration

Final Illustration for the poster

Black Angels - Print Close-up 1

Close-up of the final printed poster

Black Angels - Print Close-up 2

Close-up of the final printed poster

The poster was a success. Not only did the band like it, but a great personal story was created involving a missed plane and me meeting my fiancé. Proof that gig posters don’t just promote bands, but they can also lead to great love stories.