Cisco Poster Creator

Although this project never got off the ground, it’s still a favorite. Mainly because I think it would’ve been fun to create. The idea was for a promotional site for the Cisco ASR routers. These routers are literally the world’s fastest routers and a huge part of what’s powering the internet today. The proposal was to build a site that allowed a user to create and build their own poster promoting the router, in the style and genre of the classic horror film posters of the 60’s and 70’s. The user could then print the poster out or send it on to friends and colleagues.

It consisted of several layout tools, a monster maker and the ability to create their own title or use one of the many pre-generated titles. A little goofy and gimmicky? Yes. But when it comes to talking about internet routers, nothing’s wrong with adding a little fun to it.

Cisco Poster Editor

Editing page for the Cisco ASR Promotional site

Cisco Poster Editor - Title

Title editor for the poster

Cisco Poster Editor - Tools (Rotate)

Example of how different tools would interact with the page. Portrait and landscape tool shown.

Cisco Poster Editor - Monster

Wireframe for how the monster editor would/interact

Cisco Poster Editor - Tools

Wireframe showing all available editor tools