Intel ISPP Banner 3D

When building the page headers for the Intel Software Partner Program (ISPP), all of the designs started with 3D models created in Cinema 4D. With 3D applications becoming easier to use, they provide designers many more ways to explore a design and create dynamic imagery.

After rendering out the base model, the resulting image was then taken into Photoshop where background images and effects were added. If multiple sizes were needed, the use of the 3d model made it much easier to render out the appropriate size and re-create the effects in Photoshop. These images have all been re-created from the lower resolution banners used on the site, to large high-res files for use with printed materials and display banners.

Intel ISPP - "Spaceship" 1

Spaceship model for Graphics Technology - view 1

Intel ISPP - "Spaceship" 2

Spaceship model for Graphics Technology - view 2

Intel ISPP - "Spaceship" 3

Spaceship model for Graphics Technology - view 3

Intel ISPP Manageability "Network"

Network model for Manageability

Intel ISPP Media Acceleration "Film Strip"

Film Strip model for Media Acceleration

Intel ISPP Power Efficiency "Turbine"

Turbine model for Power Efficiency

Light Waves 3D Model

One of the many "light waves" models created for the ISPP site

To see the final banners that were created, view the portfolio post here »