Kohler RoomBoard iPad App

These are concept boards that were created for a pitch to Kohler. This portion of the pitch was for an iPad application that could be used as an in-store kiosk as well as an at-home application for iPad owners. The idea is to help the user quickly and easily determine the styles they like. Whether it be kitchen tile patterns to the bathroom faucet.

Users could pick from a pre-loaded series of Kohler design styles and images or take their own pictures to upload and comment on. There would also be featured design styles picked from some of the worlds best interior designers to help inspire people about to re-design their own kitchen or bathroom. All of these ideas could then be gathered and shared with their personal designer or family members.

Kohler Roomboard - Landing

Landing page for the RoomBoard app

Kohler Roomboard - Room Choice

Room choice page for the RoomBoard App

Kohler Roomboard - Image Picker

Image "picker" page - user picks the styles they like

Kohler Roomboard - Color Picker

Swatch page - allows users to create their own swatch set

Kohler Roomboard - Photo Comments

Photo Comments page - user can organize and add comments to photos

Kohler Roomboard - Collect

Collection page - All elements collected for sharing

Kohler Roomboard - iPhone Companion App

Companion App for sharing saved profiles and taking photos

Kohler Roomboard - iPhone Take Photo

Photo capture and tagging screen