Beach Boys Surf! Book

This project is what I like to call a “bridesmaid”, after the expression “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”. Meaning it was a project that ended before it was ever completed. Whether from re-shuffled budgets or clients simply disappearing, they never get off the ground.

Regardless, I still loved the work that I did do on it and it’s one of many examples, that shows what could have been. This project in particular was intended to be a pitch book/leave behind for a Beach Boys stage show. Somewhat similar to the Beatles Las Vegas show LOVE. The book was to go through a possible set of scenes and overall feeling of the show and get potential investors interested in producing it.

These are early examples of some of the illustrations and typography I did before the project was canceled.

Surf! Book Cover Illustration

Cover Illustration for the Surf! book

Surf! Book Spread

Sample layout spread for the Surf! book

Surf! Book Spread Close-up

Close-up of spread